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Poolbridge Road, Blackford, BS28 4PA

Bioaquafarm is the first integrated aquaponic farm in the UK and the biggest Aquaponic trout farm in Europe.

We farm Rainbow Trout and vegetables in the most sustainable and ethical way, a ‘bio-symbiotic’ system, with bees to pollinate the plants and worms to sustain the cycle of the closed-loop system.
We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides, it’s naturally an organic ecosystem where the fish waste becomes available nutrients for the plants and the plants in return provide clean water for the fish. Our farm adopts a zero-waste method, with energy from a solar power source and the farm waste goes into the vermiculture compost.

We make gourmet food that tastes amazing and authentically healthy. A favourite is our Trout fillets with marinades all from the farm and prepared by Antonio Paladino, co-founder and Italian master chef. We also produce preserves using fruit from our farm, raw honey, and other seasonal produce.

We teach aquaponics to share our knowledge and to make a positive change to farming worldwide. That takes less and gives more back to the planet.

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