Janes Grains

Janes Grains

Avebury, Tisbury, SP3 6HZ

Janes grains is a cereal company producing gluten and sugar free granola at the moment we have 4 flavours which all start with the same ingredients and then the the individual flavours are added during one of the toastings, the majority of the ingredients are organic and of the highest quality
At Janes grains we grind all of the small superseeds so they do not build up in the gut and are absorbed much more efficiently. Our cereal is packed with flavour and the sweetness comes from a unique process using the goji berries which are toasted to release the sweetness
There are many uses for the grains, toppings for ice cream, yoghurt and just eating as snack straight from the packet for a energy boost!

Janes grains

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