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Mood Foods

Mood Foods

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Mood Foods focuses on nutrition, mental health & well being. We believe that eating a balanced diet is not just about a certain diet choice but more about an individual journey; A journey of mindful nutrition.

Good, healthy, nutritional, wholesome food should be available to everyone irrespective of your circumstances. At Mood Foods, we are extremely passionate about helping people understand how food can have an instrumental effect on your mental health, your physical health, your psychological health and your spiritual wellbeing. Becoming more aware of your diet and the benefits of how food can help you to make the necessary adjustments which meet the needs of your body and mind, will give you everything you need to maintain and improve your life.

If you suffer from any of the following health problems, then we can help:

Depression & Anxiety
Heart Disease
Blood Pressure
IBS, Bowel Disease & Disorders
Unhealthy relationships with food
Sensitivities & Allergies

We run regular cookery classes for adults and we also run regular children’s cookery classes called ‘Mood Foods Kids’. These classes are a chance for you to learn, cook and then take home the recipes you have created. In each class the students will be making a mix of sweet and savoury treats unless otherwise stated on the event or if they are themed events. All ingredients are provided and all the recipes are created and catered towards mindful nutrition and healthy eating. There is no refined sugar, no additives, preservatives or chemicals in our cookery classes and ingredients are fresh and sourced locally where possible to help maintain a nutritionally balanced cookery class. We also like to add extra ingredients that boost your nutrient, vitamin and mineral intake.

Ayurveda also plays a big part of the nutritional aspect of Mood Foods.

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