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Palette and Pasture Somerset Gelato

Palette and Pasture Somerset Gelato

Palette and Pasture Ltd, Pyle Farm, Trudoxhill, Frome, BA11 5DL

Artisan Gelato made using the sweet fresh milk from Pyle Farm dairy herd. Our farm is based on the outskirts of Frome in the village of Trudoxhill. We have a herd of 140 milking cows whom graze outside as much of the year as possible. We are a 3rd generation family run farm.
Gelato is an Italian ice cream recipe which is made mainly with milk. Milk is naturally sweet, so this means it has less added sugar and is lower in fat in comparison to traditional dairy ice cream recipes.
Gelato also has only 20-30% air blown into it during its making process. It is made in small batches and a lot of it is done by hand. This is why the flavours are so amazing.
Our Sorbets are made in the same way, are dairy free, and have a 50% fruit content.
We produce a lot of seasonal flavours, many of which are created through foraging in our own farm hedgerows and fields. We source local and fair trade ingredients as much as possible.

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