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Sole of Discretion CIC

Sole of Discretion CIC

5 The Fish Quay, Plymouth, PL4 0LH

Sole of Discretion is an ethical fishmonger selling quality, local fish.

We are a Community Interest Company owned by the fishers that land to it. We are 100% committed to ethical, quality fish, and hence buy only from static gill or trammel netters and hand liners fishing mostly out of Plymouth. We never buy from heavy bottom trawlers or from boats over 10 metres.

We provide the ability for the fishers to land, process and sell their own fish, offering full traceability through the supply chain - a first in the UK. By working only with small-scale boats of under 10ms in length, there is significantly less damage to the marine environment than from the large trawlers. The fishers are paid a fair price, agreed in advance - thereby creating a market mechanism for rewarding those fishers doing the least damage to the environment.

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