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Teeny Greeny Farm

Teeny Greeny Farm

Magic Microgreen Farm, Holt, Wiltshire

First Generation Urban Farm in Wiltshire - The One and Only!

From the delightful nuttiness of sunflower shoots, to the punchy peppery kick of our purple radish, our microgreens are jampacked with a spectrum of flavours – mild to sweet, strong to spicy, earthy to fresh.

Everything is grown from seed, in soil and cut fresh to ensure the highest quality and shelf-life.

All grown and harvested by hand, using organic seeds, organic soil and watered with "Good Intentions".

Free from body nasties - No pesticides, poisons, chemicals or weedicides.

THE ROOTS of Teeny Greeny Farm

"Hey– I’m Alice - Super mum to a 3-strong gang of awesome small people, organic champion, biodynamic cheerleader with a passion for dancing in the kitchen – a lot!

So, here at Teeny Greeny Farm, we want to inspire and share our passions, this our story.

After I had my eldest son – Billy – I found myself finding a passion in food, what we ate, where it came from and actually, who were these absolute hero’s producing it for us?

I went on to set up Mayfield Organic – to create collaborations and network between those that tirelessly but passionately grew and produced our food locally and those of us that want to support and buy locally where possible.

Connecting everyone together and forging fabulous partnerships is definitely something that floats my boat - we’d like to think as ourselves as game-changers, pioneers who are determined to educate and inspire others to grow organic, to use what little space they may have and to take empowerment from knowing what they are feeding themselves and their families.

During this time, I met Lee, the original founder of Teeny Greeny and we shared a similar vision, we worked together for a short while and since then I have taken over the running and promotion of Teeny Greeny - so here I am now with a first-generation Urban farm just outside mine and my children’s home in Holt, Wiltshire.

“From the moment I stumbled across microgreens, I knew there was huge potential in the power that these superfoods could offer, a niche that could be available to anyone - so much nutrients packed into such teeny tiny sizes, and grown in a very short time.

We and our customers truly care about being aware of what we are eating, and at Teeny Greeny Farm, our aim is simple – we want to reconnect people with the availability of fabulously tasty, goodness-packed produce.

To do our little bit in a continuously expanding population, to teach, to inspire and to empower generations to come that they actually can do their own little bit too."

Alice – Grower Extraordinaire and magic maker at Teeny Greeny Farm

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