Teeny Greeny Farm

Teeny Greeny Farm

Dunkirk business park, Southwick, Trowbridge, BA14 9NL

First Generation Urban Farm in Wiltshire - The One and Only!

Now, let’s talk marvellous, magical micro greens - Tasty, to say the least.

From the delightful nuttiness of sunflower shoots, to the punchy peppery kick of our purple radish, our microgreens are jampacked with a spectrum of flavours – mild to sweet, strong to spicy, earthy to fresh.

Everything is grown from seed, in soil and cut fresh to ensure the highest quality and shelf-life.

All grown and harvested by hand, using organic seeds, organic soil and watered with "Good Intentions".

Free from body nasties - No pesticides, poisons, chemicals or weedicides.

“Hey there – I’m Alice. Single mum to three incredible kiddies, organic champion and biodynamic cheerleader - After more than a decade in the farming business, I began working alongside the original owner of Teeny Greeny Farm, Lee and from the moment I stepped into the building, I knew there was huge potential in the field of microgreens. This niche had so much to offer – so many nutrients packed into such teeny tiny sizes. And that was it - I bought the farm. Today – 6 months later - our customers truly care about being aware of what they’re eating, and at Teeny Greeny Farm, our aim is simple – we want to reconnect people with local food through fabulously tasty, goodness-packed produce. Alongside this, we teach, and we empower people to get growing on their own”.

Alice - GrowerExtraordinaire, Farmer & Owner at Teeny Greeny Farm

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