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The Free Range Chef

The Free Range Chef

Holt, Wiltshire, BA14 6RS

Bringing travel-inspired vegetarian treats to markets, events & supper clubs whilst exploring the worlds yoga retreats as The Freerange Chef.

Popular items include my falafels, humous, pesto, salad pots and specialist tray bakes which are often vegan, gluten free, low sugar and tasty.

My vegetarian and vegan food is created with the emphasis on using seasonal ingredients from local producers meaning we can all support our local community and small businesses. It's not health food by any means but just a way of thinking more consciously about what we put in our bods whether it's a fresh quinoa salad or a slice of plump sponge cake.

I'm lucky enough to know a lot of great food producers in the area so when I'm organising my markets, supper clubs and other catering events, I've got a glorious list of suppliers to hand who all have the same core values; to provide traceable sustainable food and produce, reducing carbon footprints and supporting the community.

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