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Upcy Coffee

Upcy Coffee

2 Bridge House, Bridge St, Frome, BA11 1AS

Upcy: Closed-loop coffee without compromise.

Upcy produces stunning coffees using a zero-waste, carbon-neutral system that’s delicious for you and the planet.

We use Eco Roast™ technology, turning waste coffee grounds into renewable energy to power our coffee roasters, allowing us to produce complex flavour profiles in the most sustainable way possible

Alongside our popular blends, we source ethical single-origin beans, for you to enjoy various flavours from around the world.

Our coffee can be ordered as whole beans or ground for filter or espresso, depending on your brewing method.

Our coffee bags are made from recyclable paper, so its best to store the beans in an air-tight container as soon as you get them home. (Don’t put them in the fridge.)

Soon we will have an online step-by-step storage & brewing guide for budding coffee enthusiasts.

Upcy Coffee, order your bag of delicious coffee today.

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