Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme

The Old Orchard, Friggle Street, Frome, Somerset, BA11 5LH

We are a mother and daughter team running a small specialist nursery on the edge of Frome. Between us we have many years of horticultural experience and we are really passionate about what we do. We are not currently open to the public but we exhibit at many plant fairs throughout the South West and we have an online shop with details of the fairs we attend, which you are very welcome to browse. We grow a range of beautifully scented perennials and shrubs and a range of wildflowers from around the British Isles. Our aim is to recapture the heady scents of borders of the past. So many plants these days have had all their fabulous perfumes bred out of them in favour of showier blooms in more unusual colourways. We don't believe in compromise! Borders should not only look fabulous but, hit you with wonderful fragrances before you even see them.

With that in mind, we grow a stunning range of Old-Fashioned roses, a large range of fragrant Irises and Peonies along with a selection of unusual (and often scented) border perennials that have caught our eye. We also grow a range of unusual and scented shrubs, bulbs and climbers, so there really is something for every garden.

In much the same spirit we have witnessed the steady decline in British wildflowers in our hedgerows, fields and woodlands. (95% of all Britain's wildflower meadows have disappeared since 1945). Some of these native plants are perfect for a flower-rich meadow in a corner of your garden or for naturalising around gateways or under trees. Many of these unsung heroes of our countryside look equally fabulous in an informal border where they flower profusely in amongst perennials and some may even seed themselves around a little to fill in any gaps. And these guys are really tough too! If you have a spot in your garden where nothing will grow, I guarantee there will be something in here that will thrive and look superb!

All of our plants increase bio-diversity, provide all-important food and shelter for beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies and will help encourage birds back into your garden.

All our plants are grown on site, either outside or in a cold polytunnel without heat or lights. This means you can confidently plant them out in your own garden straight away at all times of the year.

We very much look forward to meeting you, either at a Frome Food Hub event or a Plant Fair near you soon!

Meanwhile, happy shopping! We hope that you get as much pleasure from our plants as we have had from growing them.

Monica and Jess


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