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Re-establishing the natural order of grazing animals and poultry working in harmony with the land, our brand new Birds & Herds free range eggs are produced as happy herds and traditional birds restore the south west’s pastures, one acre at a time.
Healthy, content and soaking up the best that the region’s pastures have to offer, our traditional birds take on a vital role in the practice of mob grazing, which many forward-thinking cattle and sheep farmers are now embracing. We’re extremely proud to be pioneering this for free range egg farmers in the UK, producing beautiful eggs in natural shades along the way!

To dig a little deeper into the centuries-old practice of mob grazing, read the Birds & Herds story below…

A tale of working the pasture, hoof and claw in harmony
Out on the Somerset pastures, our sheep and cattle stay bunched together and on the move, behaving like herds from centuries gone by.
Free to trample and graze to their heart’s content, they feed themselves up on earthly goodness, while breaking up the grass and creating a natural mulch.

With the help of their humble hooves, the soil is able to absorb rainfall more effectively while locking carbon safely away.

Having been fed and nourished by the land, the herds then return nutrients to the soil when nature calls.

As the herds move onto fresh pastures, our traditional birds ramble in and set to work scratching through the soil, spreading the manure evenly across the field.

Fertilising the land one claw at a time, the hens stimulate new shoots and contribute to increased biodiversity in every corner of the field, as different grass, plants and wildlife flourish around them.

Our girls get to enjoy plenty of grubs and insects along the way, as well as a fresh and varied salad bar of vegetation wherever they go.

Happy, healthy and soaking up the best that the south west’s pastures have to offer, our traditional birds lay delicious eggs in natural shades, as beautiful as the rolling fields around them.

Eventually, our hungry herds return to the lush pastures once more and the mob grazing story begins again
Shelf Life: 7 Days
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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