Bill the Butcher / Westcombe Dairy Cheddar
Westcombe Dairy Cheddar

Bill the Butcher - Westcombe Dairy Cheddar

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Westcombe Cheddar is honoured with both European PDO status and the much rarer Artisan Somerset Cheddar designation from Slow Food, as well as numerous awards.
Westcombe Cheddar is made from unadulterated, unpasteurised fresh cows' milk, which reaches the dairy soon after milking and hits the vat still warm from the cows. Once heated, only traditional starter cultures and rennets are added to transform the milk into cheese. After they're cut and drained, the cheddaring of the curds – as well as their stacking and turning – is done solely by hand.
Once the curd slabs are ready, they use an old peg mill (one of only a few still in use in the country) to mill them down. After mixing in the salt, the curds are pressed into traditional cylindrical cheddar moulds and cloth-bound with lard so they can breathe through their slow ageing (anywhere between 11 to 18 months – or basically until they're ready).
Westcombe Cheddar has a deep complex flavour with a mellow lactic tang and long notes of citrus, hazelnut and caramel. The texture is structured and firm, with a smooth breakdown that keeps the flavours lingering on your palate. This cheese is often called a 'five mile Cheddar', as you’re still tasting it five miles down the road!

Allergy Advice: Contains Milk
Shelf Life: 4 Weeks
Nut Free
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