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Dead Head / Large Bunch Of Seasonal Blooms
Large Bunch Of Seasonal Blooms

Dead Head - Large Bunch Of Seasonal Blooms

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1 x 0g £15.00

A vibrant mix of the brightest blooms straight from the flower field. These will vary each week as we are totally led by the flowers.

These are grown, without chemicals, in a field just outside of Frome. They are cut to order on the morning of the sale, and conditioned in cool water to promote as long a vase life as possible. Unlike supermarket or high street flowers, these have no air miles, they haven't lost their natural scent and haven't been forced to grow outside of their season. They are helping our local wildlife and insects thrive, they will last longer than anything imported and by purchasing them you are helping to promote the British flower industry, as well as a small Frome business.

We have lovingly built our flower farm from scratch, and these flowers are the direct product of our hard work and careful tending. We hope you enjoy these local flowers as much we have enjoyed growing them.
Shelf Life: 5 Days
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