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Kimbers Farm Shop / Beef Topside
Beef Topside

Kimbers Farm Shop - Beef Topside

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1 x 1.5kg £25.49

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Simple to cook, this lean beef topside joint can be cooked to suit your tastes. Great for roasting or braising, the meat is tender and lean.


1kg - Up to 4 people
1.5kg - Up to 6 people
2kg - Up to 8 people
2.5kg - Up to 10 people
3kg - Up to 12 people
3.5kg - Up to 14 servings
4kg - Up to 16 servings
4.5kg - Up to 18 servings
5kg - Up to 20 servings

The Butcher: A popular and affordable cut of meat, it has been trimmed and rolled by our master butchers.

In The Kitchen: Suitable as a roasting joint, the topside must be kept moist otherwise it can end up being quite dry.
Shelf Life: 7 Days
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