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Kimbers Farm Shop / Cracknell Free Range Duck
Cracknell Free Range Duck

Kimbers Farm Shop - Cracknell Free Range Duck

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1 x 2.5kg £25.00

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Slow grown and full of flavour, a whole duck is a real treat but one that won’t let you down. With rich flavours, a roasted duck is a unique take on the traditional roast dinner and is sure to impress your guests.


2.5kg - Up to 4 people
3kg - Up to 6 people

The Butcher: Carefully sourced from a third generation traditional poultry farmer, our duck is well cared for and slow grown for the best flavour.

In The Kitchen: A fruity sauce is the perfect accompaniment to duck - try a morello cherry sauce. The crispy skin is also a real treat, and any leftovers can be great for Chinese-style duck pancakes with a plum sauce. The carcass makes the most wonderful duck noodle soup.
Shelf Life: 7 Days
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