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Louisebees / A Packet Of 10 Wildflower Seed Bombs
A Packet Of 10 Wildflower Seed Bombs

Louisebees - A Packet Of 10 Wildflower Seed Bombs

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Feed the bees! And other pollinators too of course.

Made by hand in Rode from top soil (to feed the seeds) red clay (to hold the mix together) and the seeds themselves.
Perfectly bound together. With a fun string fuse to help you place it in position.

Push the seed bombs into any bare patch of ground. Nature will do the rest.

All the wildflowers in this Cornfield Annual Wildflower mix are grown in the UK and are RHS recommended as ‘Perfect for Pollinators’.
Our bag is compostable and the card is recycled.

Cornfield Annual Wildflower Seed Mix contains: Corn Chamomile 3.0%, Corncockle 9.0%, Cornflower 4.0%, Corn Marigold 3.0%, Field Poppy 1.0%, Common Bent 4.0%, Crested dog’s tail 20.0%, Sheeps fescue 16.0%, Slender creeping red fescue, 24.0%, Smooth-stalked meadow grass 6.4%, Smaller Cat’s tail 9.6%.
Shelf Life: 0 Days
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