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Root Connections CIC / Seasonal Cut Flowers
Seasonal Cut Flowers

Root Connections CIC - Seasonal Cut Flowers

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1 x 0g £20.00
Seasonal cut flowers - a hand tied mixed bouquet of flowers, foliage and herbs wrapped in kraft paper. Our flowers and herbs are picked fresh from the fields and delivered within a few hours so they arrive fresh and are long lasting without the need to spray with chemicals to prolong their life. We grow in a sustainable way, using an organic approach without the use of chemicals or pesticides, so you can enjoy our flowers knowing they have been freshly picked, smell great but won’t damage the environment. We grow a large variety of unusual flowers and herbs which you won’t find in the shops & due to the seasonality no two weeks are the same.
The bouquets are bursting with fragrance & positive social impact; when buying from Root Connections you are supporting our vision to end rural homelessness & helping us to continue to support adults going through vulnerable life moments by providing Social & Therapeutic Horticulture.
To enjoy your flowers for as long as possible recut the stems when you receive them and put in fresh water out of direct heat and sunlight. Change the water daily and remove any spent flowers.
Shelf Life: 5 Days
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