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Sole of Discretion CIC / Live Mussels 1Kg
Live Mussels 1Kg

Sole of Discretion CIC - Live Mussels 1Kg

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1 x 1kg £5.70
Sourced from Exmouth Mussels, who have developed unique equipment to farm the fast flowing river Exe. By doing away with dredges and using a self-fluidising elevator, they tease the shellfish from their muddy beds without impact on the stone layers beneath. Minimal disturbance and constant re-seeding allows the high density of fish, crabs and sponges that build up on these “underwater rainforests” to be maintained. After cleaning, grading and 42 hours in the purification tanks all orders are hand finished and packed. These shellfish can be eaten with the added pleasure of knowing that they are totally organic products, sustainably farmed by people with an equal passion for food and the environment. Having fed all year on the plankton rich waters of the River Exe the mussels are at their finest from about mid-June, remaining in this excellent condition until the spawning season in the spring.
Shelf Life: 4 Days
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