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Teeny Greeny Farm / Coriander "Microgreens"
Coriander "Microgreens"

Teeny Greeny Farm - Coriander "Microgreens"

Title Price
1 x 30g £2.95
Chopsticks at the ready, this one’ll dress any dish to impress

My, my, my – aren’t we popular? Our Coriander microgreens are among the best-loved by our customers.
Korma with a refreshing kick? Coming right up. Crispy Chinese Spice Beef? Ohhhh the orangey hint in these microgreens are guaranteed to bring it to life.

Expect punch and pizazz, nose-twitching aroma and oh-so soothing lemony/lime-like flavour.

These Microgreens are Massively Amazing For…Any (and we mean any) Asian-inspired meal.

The Magic Bit
Nutrients, you say? Coriander knocks it out the garden, delivering vital nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein, and beta-carotene.

All our products are packaged in COMPOSTABLE Vegware Packaging

Teeny Greeny Farm uses Certified Organic Peat-Free Compost, Certified Organic Seeds and we Grow using Organic Growing Methods.
Shelf Life: 7 Days
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian Vegan Organic
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