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Wild Thyme / Black Peppermint - Mentha X Piperita
Black Peppermint - Mentha X Piperita

Wild Thyme - Black Peppermint - Mentha X Piperita

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A delightful mint with a beautiful purply / black leaf, especially good for making tea as it is said to be stronger than the white variety.
This peppermint is a must for any herb garden just because it looks so pretty (but don't forget to grow it in a container even if you sink it into the ground so it doesn't take over).
Prefers a sunny position.
Great for bees and other pollinators.
Hardy perennial.
Reaches (50 cm) tall.
Purplish brown leaves.
Strong peppermint flavour.
Prefers a moist (but not wet) soil.
We recommend restricting the growth of this plant as it is invasive.
Flowers Aug - Oct with pretty pinky flowers.

Culinary Uses:
Great for making tea.
Good addition to salads.
Good for flavouring sweets, desserts, drinks or ice-cream.
Can be dried.

Available in a 9cm pot.
Shelf Life: 0 Years
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