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Wild Thyme / English Mace - Achillea Ageratum
English Mace - Achillea Ageratum

Wild Thyme - English Mace - Achillea Ageratum

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English Mace is a culinary herb that has clusters of small creamy daisy-flowers with aromatic, mid-green, pinnately divide toothed leaves.
It is a relatively unknown perennial herb that deserves more popularity. Not to be confused with the spice called mace, which is the outer husk of the nutmeg, English Mace is a member of the Achillea family. It spreads gradually to make a fine clump of bright green divided foliage and flowers from mid to late summer. The flower stems are tall and strong, making it ideal for a windy position, and each carry masses of creamy white daisy flowers. The flowers are very long lived and the plant can bloom well into the autumn.

The flowers can be cut for arrangements in the house and also dry well as complete stems for winter. The aromatic leaves can be used when young to flavour soups and stews and can also be chopped onto potato salads or into egg or chicken dishes. The leaves should be used sparingly so that the flavour does not overpower.
As a tip: use in the same way in place of Parsley.

A pretty and useful addition to the herb or kitchen garden.
Fully hardy. Prefers some sun.
Height 30-45cm (1' - 18")

Available in a 1L pot
Shelf Life: 0 Years
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