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Wild Thyme / Hemerocallis 'Peach Frills' - Daylily
Hemerocallis 'Peach Frills' - Daylily

Wild Thyme - Hemerocallis 'Peach Frills' - Daylily

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This unusual Daylily bears large, blousy apricot-peach, exotic- looking, double blooms on tall, sturdy stems from June - September.
These are real show-stoppers in the border and though each flower last only a day, they keep throwing up new flowers for weeks on end.
Strappy green foliage forms sturdy clumps and is semi-evergreen.
Prolific and vigorous.
Incredibly easy to grow on any site in any soil.
Flowers are edible too.
Height 90cm (3ft)
Fully hardy.
Available in a 1.5L pot.
Shelf Life: 0 Years
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