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Wild Thyme / Physalis Francetti 'Gigantea' - Chinese Lanterns
Physalis Francetti 'Gigantea' - Chinese Lanterns

Wild Thyme - Physalis Francetti 'Gigantea' - Chinese Lanterns

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Grown mainly for their decorative, lantern-like seed pods and edible orange berries which are produced in autumn.
The papery orange lanterns make excellent halloween decorations and are suitable for cutting and adding to autumn floral arrangements or for drying.
The edible fruits and fun decorative properties make this a fun first plant for children to grow.
Extremely tough, hardy and easy to grow.
Suitable for container growing.
Prefers a well-drained soil in sun or partial shade.
Height 60cm (2ft).
With the right care, this plant should thrive in your garden for many years.
Available in a 1.5L pot.
Shelf Life: 12 Months
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