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Wild Thyme / Rose 'Moyesii Geranium' - Tall Species Rose
Rose 'Moyesii Geranium' - Tall Species Rose

Wild Thyme - Rose 'Moyesii Geranium' - Tall Species Rose

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Single, geranium-red flowers with overlapping petals and golden stamens.
They are followed by large, elongated, red hips in the autumn.
It forms a large, vigorous shrub with strong, arching growth and could be trained against a wall or fence as a short climber if preferred.
Tolerant of poor soils and shade.
This is a species or wild rose. One of the original roses from which all other cultivated roses owe their heritage. As such, it has the characteristic, delicate foliage one expects from a wild rose and that graceful, arching habit. They are ideal for planting in a shrubbery or more wild part of the garden.

Once-blooming but smothered in flowers for massive impact.
Large single flowers are great for bees and other pollinators.
Lightly scented.

Height to 8ft

Available in a 4L pot.
Shelf Life: 3 Years
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