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Wild Thyme / Wild Strawberry - Fragaria Vesca
Wild Strawberry - Fragaria Vesca

Wild Thyme - Wild Strawberry - Fragaria Vesca

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Also known as Alpine Strawberries.
Attractive foliage consisting of three palmate leaflets, each with a notched edge, forms in clusters along the creeping stolons.
They are tolerant of partial shade and will produce edible fruits which are smaller but with a much more intense flavour than cultivated strawberries and perfect for decorating summer drinks, cakes and desserts.
Use them at the front of the border, as groundcover under trees or shrubs, lining the edge of the kitchen garden, or for spilling over the edges of a pot.
A perfect first plant for introducing children to gardening and the perfect distraction for keeping little fingers off your prized main crop!
Cut off runners from the parent plant and transplant the new plantlets to increase stock.
Flowers in May.
Height 20cm

Available in a 9cm pot.
Shelf Life: 0 Years
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